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Objective: conquer the world

Calligraphic Placeholder

Want to collaborate on a project ?

You want to create something with text or writing involved ? You wish having more impact than what offers a regular font ? Don’t waste any more time, you found what you were looking for!


Restaurant menu, logo, autograph, invitation card … Give charm and caracter to your project by choosing hand-made designs. My calligraphy is made by hand following the traditionnal way, then it is digitalized on a computer. The authentic nib meet technology to offer you an infinite varieties of possibilities.

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The 7 steps of Creation

1. Contact

First step, making contact. I am available by mail at anais@calligraphic.fr, by phone +33648729496 or using the contact form in the footer of my website. Describe precisely your project in this first contact. More details you give, better the result will be! Do not hesitate to send examples, insiprations, colors preferences, fonts or any other idea you have.

2. Quote

Following your request, I will write a quote that will give you an idea of the amount to pay even before you accept the deal. You have two months to accept it. You can read the General terms of sales to know more about the details. To help you know which price you should expect, I did the logo for RZC Webdesign in 2 hours, and the business card of  Sarah Gaubert in 1 hour. Note that I charge 55€ per hour, that is 110€ for the logo and 55€ for the business card.

3. Sketches

If you agreed on the quote, I start working! I send within a reasonable time 3 designs. They are made as per your instructions, and that’s why the description of what you expect is so important.

4. Critics

Once you received all the sketches, you’ll choose one of them and send feedback. If none of the sketches matches your requirement, no worries! We just have to discuss again about what you exactly want. It is possible (and I hope) that one of the sketches is exactly what you were expecting. In that case, it directly send us to the 7st step.

5. Final design

After we discussed the critics you’ve made, I go back to work on the final design. It should be exactly what you are expecting.

6. Last touch ups

Once the final design is in your hands, you can request some last touch ups to make it perfect.

7. Payment

Once you got the final design and you are satisfied with it, I will send a bill and the intellectual property agreement. The amount is due maximum 45 days after the bill is sent to you. The payment has to be made by transfer only.

The intellectual property agreement gives you full property of the piece you acquired. The cost of the intellectual property transfer is included in the bill (and in the quote).

What I do best

Get your own high quality digitalized signature


To sign documents online, give punch to your resume, or even to use as a logo.


Prices starts from €15,-

Get more people coming in your restaurant / bar


First thing people do abroad a restaurant: looking at the menu. Make it attractive.


Prices starts from €15,- per category

Need a friendly – family – natural looking logo?


Choose to be diffrent with hand made designs & fonts for your logo.


Prices starts from €50,-

Discover some of my projects